DOA Detective Files

Can you read peoples thoughts?
Do premonitions keep you awake at night?
Are you obsessed with mystery and magic?
Then you are just the person we’re looking for.
Dial 1-800 – DOA-DETECTIVES.
And become an ace detective.
Mystery, Murder, Magic, Mayhem, guaranteed.

This tiny newspaper ad dramatically changes the lives of Chintan Desai, Katrina and Pagal Pappu, three kids from opposite sides of Mumbai’s railway tracks.

‘DOA detectives must have skills that can take on any mystery – Natural or Supernatural. For nothing is out-of-this-world for a DOA detective’ warns Madame X, head of Mumbai’s DOA agency as she trains them and then vanishes on an endless vacation!

Join in the mystery, magic and mayhem as the three new DOA detectives bravely step up to solve on a host of mysteries with nothing but their wits, will and Tuk Tuk – very kitschy time machine of a rickshaw. Each DOA mystery is packed with interesting, unusual, unheard of historical, geographical and social facts that will intrigue the reader and pull them further into the DOA series.