Trouble At The Taj

Year 1638
It’s been six years since Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan began creating the magnificent Taj Mahal…when things go wrong…Ustad Ahmad Lahauri; the chief architect vanishes into thin air!
All hell breaks loose.
Shah Jahan is determined to honour his dead wife and decides to let Geronimo Veroneo finish the tomb.
But the dead Mumtaz Mahal has no intentions of letting a phirangi finish her magnificent tomb! Mumtaz sends Zeba, her trusted maid to the DOA Detective Agency in Mumbai to enlist the help of the famous Madame X.
But instead, to her utter horror, the Empress has to make do with a scraggly, scrawny bunch of perpetually hungry kid detectives, a mangy monkey and a spirited time machine of a rickshaw!
But nothing is out-of-this –world for a DOA Detective and soon the DOA gang swing into action landing up at Agra interviewing suspects, deciphering clues and getting into some serious trouble with the deadly eunuch Khoja Aitbat Khan…
Katrina is bundled off to the Agra Fort as a slave girl where she accidentally stumbles upon the murderous plot behind the Peacock Throne.
Who is the White Serpent that strikes fear in everyone’s heart?
The DOA gang must enlist the help of the very reluctant Professor Itihaas to race against time and rescue Ustad Ahmad Lahauri from the White Serpent who is determined to kill in its quest to becoming the next Mughal Emperor….

Chapter 1 – Entombed For Eternity