Pearls of Wisdom

The Pearls of Wisdom, which bestow powers on the ruler of the water world, have been snitched by the notorious Supreme One and his merry band of Black Magi from under top-notch secret service vampire agent Count Drunkula’s nose. He now faces execution for treason, and the only one who can save him and restore order in the water world is his daughter Koral. She has just aced her WWETs (Water Wizadry Eligibility Test), but this mission is way out of her league—2000 leagues under the sea, to be precise.
Deep in the Sea of Secrets Koral is up against creatures from an underwater nightmare—Va Suki the thousand-headed serpent who has his two thousand eyes on the pearls too; Kraus Kraken, ready to strike a deal with the Black Magi; Medusa the gorgon, waiting to snack on any wizard who comes her way; and the deadliest of them all—a new Black Magi leader on the hunt for virgin souls… Will Koral be able to return with the pearls, or will she lose something more precious than her life?
Teeming with eccentric vampires, wizards, djinns, nagas and witches, this sequel to The Potion of Eternity is both a laugh riot and an adventure that twists and turns till its final electrifying finale.
Chapter 1