Put the tales of Sabrina, Count Dracula, Harry Potter and others in a pot. Give them a thorough stir and bring to a boil. Out come interesting and somewhat familiar names like Count Drunkula Von D’eth, Nostra Daemus, Hilda the hag and Sinistra weaved in a plot reminiscent of the usual evil versus the good theme.

There is a difference here though. The characters battling the evil themselves are from the evil worlds of ghosts, blood-suckers and flesh eaters, tantriks, vetals and demons. However, they are evil people with a good heart.

Sonja Chandrachud manages to bring together these varied confusing elements of good within evil and evil within evil in a surprisingly smooth way. The Potion of Eternity begins with the underworld and its order which is under threat from the Black Magi, the blackest of the black

The Transylvanian vampire and a secret service agent for the Wizards Organisation Worldwide (WOW), Count Drunkula Von D’eth, is pressed into service. He relocates to a secret place in the human world, Texas, US, to make a magic potion. This potion when had by the great couple would enable them to produce children with the greatest of powers ever seen.

The task as it turns out to be is not as easy as expected. The count’s Indian tantrik wife almost rises in rebellion against her husband, and is later abducted. The children have to pretend to be human in school and horror of horrors, the cook has to make human food like kebabs and curries instead of the delicious fungus, cockroach sandwich and dark blood cake with crunchy flies sprinkling.

The book races to a climax as the black magi casts devious spells and the count is forced to take him on in a life-threatening one-on-one.

Read this amusing book to know how even the bad guys can have it rough.

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